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Implemented a top to bottom grading review, including job evaluation, pay structure design and costing and changes to terms and conditions.  We worked with management and unions to achieve a collective agreement



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Equal Pay Audit - an equal pay audit is used to identify trends in an organisation’s pay structure that may indicate discriminatory pay practice.  We analyse an organisation’s pay data following the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s five step equal pay model.  The audit identifies potential issues and suggests actions to eliminate of mitigate the risks.  

Equality Impact assessment - when implementing a new pay practice or structure we always recommend that an equality impact assessment is undertaken to ensure that proposals are fair, equal and non-discriminatory.  

Gender Pay Gap Reporting - introduced in April 2017 the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations 2017 require organisations with 250 employees or more to analyse pay records and calculate six metrics that have to be published within 12 months of the relevant snapshot date (31 March for public sector employers and 5 April for private sector employers).  These regulations can be bit daunting!  We can analyse your company data and produce a report that covers the six metrics.  We also provide an additional narrative that explains the results in more depth and this can form the basis of your employer’s published narrative.